Several shell casings were found in Steven Avery’s garage on various days. The shell casings were forensically matched to the rifle Avery had in his bedroom.

Steven Avery claims no rifle was ever fired inside his garage. He says the shell casings got in his garage because his nephews would fire his rifles around the yard. Avery explained he picked up the shell casings and threw them in his garage.



On Saturday 5 November 2005, the same day the Toyota RAV4 was found on the Avery’s Auto Salvage property, investigators started searching the property.

At 14:35 hours Calumet County Lieutenant Kelly Sippel arrived on the Avery property and began searching the outbuildings on the Avery property and started with several garages located in the northwest corner of the property.[2] The first garage Sippel searched was Steven Avery’s garage. Sippel found a Suzuki Samurai vehicle and numerous .22 shell casings on the floor of the garage.[2] According to Dave Remiker of Manitowoc a total of eleven shell casings were found.[3]

On Wednesday 1 March 2006 Brendan Dassey confessed to lead investigators Thomas Fassbender of the DCI and Mark Wiegert of Calumet County Sheriff’s Department that in his presence, Steven Avery shot Teresa with a Marlin Glenfield .22 caliber rifle from his bedroom. Following this confession, investigators from the DCI and CASO, with assistance from MTSO, searched the garage again. Unlike previous times, the garage was now considered part of the crime scene and thoroughly searched for two days.

Exhibit 283 (shell casing)

The shell casing found by DCI Agent Steier at 20:18h.

At 20:18 hours Investigator Gary Steier of the DCI found one brass shell casing about 2.5 meters west of the east wall and about 0.55 meters away from the south wall.[4] At 20:25 hours Steier found another brass shell casing 5.5 meters away from the east wall and roughly 5.6 meters away from the south wall.[4]

On Thursday 2 March more shell casings were found. The first one on this particular was found, again, by DCI investigator Steier. At 09:36 hours he collected a casing from under an El Tigre snowmobile.[5] At 09:50 hours MTSO resource David Remiker collected a casing from under a sled track.[5] 5 Minutes later Investigator Steier found a shell casing next to a screwdriver near a snowmobile.[5] Remiker collected another casing from a workbench at approximately 13:00 hours.[6]

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